Looking for someone to develop iot GIS software

Looking for someone to develop iot GIS software.The software is mainly used to monitor the Internet of things devices, and the software should display the device information on the Google map.If you can do it,Please post your case in website comment,Please bid project.

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  1. I am interested for this requirement as I have a lot of experience around IOT projects. please connect me (mahavirkumbharvadiya@gmail.com)

    • 1. User login 2. Video play, pause, fast forward, slow forward, full screen play buttons 3. System settings 4. Video management 5. Project management 6. Log management 7. Project data display 8. Equipment data and aerial data display (data in certain format are imported into the system, such as excel table format, which can be managed after specific cooperation) 9. Map (GIS) system detailed display (project information displayed on the map, docking Google maps and ArcGIS, similar to sharing bicycles) 10. Software administrator authority allocation

    • budget is 2500RMB.Can you show your IOT project case?

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